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near north parkway. the men are in their 20s and 40s, both victims shot in the arm. they were found in a car. but the shooting did not happen at that location. the police believe it happened somewhere else and they drove to the area. they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and the police are looking for the gunman and the motive remains unclear. >>> a baltimore family is looking for your help. they're looking for someone that killed someone dear to them. we're talking about freddie king. he dropped his son off at the barbershop and shortly after he was found close to that place with his car running and shot that is on kent street and cherry hill. he was taken to shock trauma where he later died. >> he was a good dude, a good man, a good father, good brother, good friend. >> investigators right now say that they have little to go on. so if you saw anything, if you know anything, you're asked to call the baltimore city police. >>> today there is a hearing for a suspected white house shooter. his name is oscar hernandez from idaho. the police say that he ope
a little bit chilly. bundle up. see the temperatures in the low 50s in river dale. 51 to be exact. the upper 40s westminster rs 48 there, easton 49 degrees , the winds are nice and calm. not dealing with foggy conditions this morning, we have a few clouds out there and also it's a good thing that the clouds are out there, we would have been under the frost advisory as well. maryland's most powerful radar is dry around maryland. our eye takes us in to pennsylvania. we are seeing a little shower popping up across the area, it is fizzling out some. we can see to it the west of carlisle and i york, pennsylvania. temperatures in the mid-40s in to york, pennsylvania. hour by hour forecast for today, as we break it down by 8:00, temperature 55 degrees, that should be our low temperature starting out this morning. temperatures are quite chilly and quite lower than that. as we head in to lunchtime, we will see sunshine out there, the temperature coming in at 67 degrees, dry throughout the day. plenty of sunshine as we go in to the 3:00 hour. 70 for a high. 75 degrees for this time of the
, congressional members, hoyer and edwards and u.s. senator barbara mikulski. >>> we are get a check on the first forecast with lynette charles. the weather is something people are going to have to pay attention to today. >>> scattered showers throughout the afternoon. downpours, we have to watch flooding potential as we go throughout the day as well. if your travels are taking you northern bound, they are dealing with flooding across the area. flood watches and vivaries and warnings -- advisories and warnings. reisterstown 71. muggy this morning. see the dew point at 70 and 71 is the temperature. visibility issues this morning with the fog out there, 72, 72, we have fog in buoy as you step out the door, be prepared. the temperature in pilesville 71, dew point in the 70s, oppressive feeling, sticky, continuing throughout the day and speaking of going throughout the day, hour by hour forecast as we start you out at 8:00, scattered showers possible, 83 degrees by lunchtime, 86 the high temperature i'm going with today, thunderstorms possible, 86 will feel like the upper 80s to around 90. a check wi
a light jacket. i have the jacket. this morning, this is what we are working with. temperatures in the 50s. a taste of fall, 53 in glennwood. 55 owings mills. the temperatures will get warmer throughout the day. coming in a little bit below where we should be. plenty of sunshine, making it feel nice and comfortable outside. the most powerful radar is dry. we will stay that way as we go through the afternoon and this trend is going to stick around through the next several days. if you need to wab the wash the car, you have a good stretch of days to do so. in to 8:00, lots of sunshine once again. cool, temperature 61, lunchtime, eat the lunch outdoors. 74 degrees, winds picking up northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. still a stellar day on tap. by 3:00, nice and pleasant, temperature 77. that's the high for today. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> good morning, perfect football weather. best of luck to the ravens tonight. hopefully they can beat the bangles. >>> harrisburg expressway, nice and clear. a live look, knot of the beltway, remaining that way onto the jfx, do
- to upper 60s this morning, but it's going to start to feel more like fall. i'll tell you when, coming up. >>> lynette, the rain is making a hectic commute, traffic slowing down on 695 and we are dealing with accidents on 95 and 83. i'm tracking that and we'll have your complete report coming up on good morning maryland. >>> and new york city, beautiful sunrise not yet, but it is coming. let's head for a check of today's tech byte. >>> in today's tech byte, a new look at which countries enjoy the greatest internet freedom. the u.s. coming in number two bind estonia. iran hassed most restrictions and censorship. cell phones are taking a bigger bite out of family budgets. spending on phone services jumped more than 4% last year even as people cut back on other spending. the average household spends more than $1200 a year on phone services. and help could be on the way for the iphone 5 users grumbling about the apple maps. they have the maps for apple devices behind the end of the year. justin timberlane is trying to bring my space back. his company has posted a video with the new my face. t
. temperatures in arnold 71. and dew point yes they are up there but they are not in the 70s like they have been. looking at 68 for a dew point in arnold. 67 for a temperature in millersville and the dew point coming in at 66 and the last stop at hanover with the temperature coming in right around 68 degrees as well. and that's where linda so is this morning as she get things ramped up for the evening. heading through the hour by hour forecast, we will see sun and clouds throughout the day. temperatures right around 79 degrees by 10. and plenty of sunshine by lunchtime with the temperature at 86 degrees. it's going to be a hot one on tap. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tgif let's get into it. we are talking a few construction delays across- town. we will start up in old frederick road in both directions affected near edmonton and the ongoing construction this morning. we have construction south of town and also disabled vehicle on route 100. that has been cleared and construction as you make your way into the key bridge but both ha
as we wake up this morning. temperatures will continue to be in the 50s and then we will go to the 60s. then 70s by lunchtime look stellar with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. beautiful day. >> it is. >> reporter: unor the in thely traffic is just -- unfortunately traffic is picking up oninterstate 70. you will want to expect a lot of congestion as we check in and look outside at liberty road. inner loop fine towards pikesville but outer loop is the worst spot. it's going to take you 13 minutes to travel from 795 down towards 95. now the beltway is going to be in great shape from parkville up to towson is and northeast corridor of 95 no concerns there in white marsh. looking at a 4-minute ride from route 43 down to the beltway. megan over to you. >>> two minutes after 6. you are looking at a live picture this morning from new york city. it's hard to believe that it's been 11 years today and we are going to stop for a moment and remember exactly what we were doing on september 11th, 200
accidents. a hectic commute s. it going to stick around? >> it's moving out. we will get a break and another round once the cold front moves through this afternoon and this evening and a chance for severe weather to pop up in the picture. on maryland's most powerful radar, this is the break across the area. we can see around central maryland, drying out. if you are traveling towards the west, western maryland, hagerstown, cumberland, heaven to moderate rain across the area, we will get next round in to the afternoon. pennsylvania is on the wet side this morning as well. if your travels are taking you to the north, be prepared for that. we are on the mild side coming in 66 degrees, frederick, also meyersville, 69 millersville, close to 70, we do have fog out there. see the humidity, 100% in meyersville and frederick. the air is saturated. take it easy as you head out and about. there have been accidents to report. this is hour by hour forecast, we have humid weather for this morning, this afternoon, 76 degrees, showers will be back around lunchtime, we have the chance for storms as we go in t
to put it away through the afternoon. but look at this morning coming in -- look at the 40s. that's where going. upper 40sin jefferson and kensington we are at 54 in columbia. we should be at 60 now for this time of the year. the winds are calm for the most part but you can see jefferson the northwest flow, that will begin to switch off toward the south going throughout the day as high pressure scoots off toward the east. i will break it down for you later but, we do have dry weather on tap for this morning and also as we go into the afternoon. that's why we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies on maryland's most powerful radar. but this is what to expect heading throughout the day. hour by hour, 8:00 this morning, cool coming in at 60. and 76 ample sunshine by lunchtime and that trend continues even as we head into the 3:00 time frame. i am going with 81 for today. so we will be a little bit warmer than we have been. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning you've been talking about the patchy fog and an accident out there. >> reporter: yes. here's the
in benghazi that killed three americans, three diplomats including the u.s. ambassador. u.s. investigators right now looking into whether it was a coordinated assault on the anniversary of september 11th. not just some random act. coming up at 6:30 this morning, president obama's message for whoever is responsible for carrying out the deadly attacks. >>> well, today the nation will pay tribute to the first man to walk on the moon. a national memorial service has been set up for neil armstrong. it's going to take place at the national cathedral in d.c. this morning. it is open to the public. it starts at 10:00. and tomorrow, armstrong will be buried at sea and flags across the country will be flown at half staff. in his honor. he died last month at the age of 82. >>> all right, well, this is not something that a lot of us worry about. getting sick with west nile virus. however, health officials say it's time that we do. we need to take it seriously and that's because another person in maryland has died. they became sick and now they're doing something about it. they are spraying. what does
with temperatures still in the low 50s. and by lunchtime today we jump up into the 70s a few more clouds and partly cloudy skies and dry by 3:00 with the high temperature coming in at 75 degrees. that's where we should be it will be nice and seasonable for today. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. as you mend, we are dealing with some fog out in frederick. you will want to reduce the speeds and turn on the low beams and heat because we are off to a chilly start. 95 up in harford county a car fire in haver degrace right on the -- havre de grace on the southbound lanes at level road. problems in abington. the first accident of the day on route 543 at calvary road. heading out to 695 as we head on over to parkville look live outside here at harford road. no delays the inner loop is clear down towards 95. and the outer loop nothing to get in your way heading up towards 83. here's what the west side looks like. traffic is moving right along just 12 minutes altogether traveling the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and the inner loop will be clear up through pikesville
. temperatures well above average once again and look at the dew point in the 70s and feeling very sultry out there this morning. moreover the same in glen ole with the dew point at 68 degrees right now. and emmettsburg the last stop this morning with the dew point around 65 degrees. here's the forecast as we walk you through the hour by hour for today. by 10:00 still very soupy outside. 81 degrees with sun/cloud mix by lunchtime. 86 degrees, a check now of the traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning everybody. one issue that's route 1 just north of bel air in darlington. we have a crash that's tying up both directions on route 1. just be aware of that especially right around castleton road. as we slide to the south, some construction delays as you make your way into the key bridge toll plaza. in fact that's tying things up between quarantine road and hawkins point road at this hour but most of the beltway is looking frit good. we have the -- pretty good. we have the game in town a little after 5:00 the ceremonies will start. so just be aware probably right after 4:00 we'll start to see som
. u.s. geological survey found out about the earthquake in the philippines from twitter. the first tweets came a minute after the quake and the agency monitors twitter for use of the word earthquake and those are tech bites. i am rob nelson. >>> buying a house can be stressful and confusing experience. >> it is. especially with the paperwork and that's what scamers are counting on. joce sterman has warning about a new tactic they are trying to do to get more money from you weeks after you buy. >> reporter: the joy of buying a home can often be lost in the flurry of paperwork that comes with the purchase. as mortgage records and loan documents begin to blur together, that gives some a chance to strike with offers they hope will have you blindly writing another check. abc2 news reporter got this one we desighed to look into -- decided to look into. an offer to get a copy of the deed to the home bought. it looks official with the washington, d.c. address and appears time sensitive with final notices sent in a 35 dollar late fee mentioned if you don't act before the deadline. the paper
. meanwhile, for the first time, the samsung galaxy s-3 was the top-selling smart phone in the u.s. last month. that's because many members of the apple core are holding off buying an iphone until the new model is released. high ku deck a free app for the ipad helps you make slide shows in just a few steps. the wall street journal's katie barrett says it's simple to use. >>> it does make it simple for you to add text to each slide and add an image to each slide and hit done. in 20 to 30 minutes i could create these very nice visually- engaging slide shows. >>reporter: there should be an android tablet version by the end of the year. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. (bell rings) hi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. >>> thanks for joining us. if you're away from your tv, you're going to want to check this video out. it has gone viral. take a look at this. you're looking at ducks crossing the road, loyally following their mama duck acros
of damaging winds. but right now temperatures coming in, 54 degrees in manchester. eldersburg in the upper 50s, edgemere at 61 degrees. this is your hour-by-hour forecast, as we step you through your day, we look like this as we go into lunchtime, right around 70 degrees, but then as we head through 2:00, 71 degrees, going up only 72 degrees for a high today. we should be at 77 now for this time of the year, so temperatures are going to be below. nice for the next two days, and then as we head into saturday, fall begins with some showers in the forecast. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. very happy that rain is not in the picture today. unfortunately, we are dealing with a very serious house fire going on right now in northeast baltimore, it's on load stone way, it broke out just after 5:00 a.m. if you are traveling in the area, stick with conneaut way. linda stow is on the scene and will bring you a live report coming up in a few minutes. if you are using 95, here's a live look at three 95. no signifi
in the 50s. we had dry air to contend with and we have a dry day to contend with once again. we are not seeing any rain as of yet but it is in the forecast. let he show you what's going on hour by hour for today. heading out through morning time, temperature around 60 degrees. this is about 10:00, 11:00 thorn. by lunchtime, 75 degrees and by this afternoon 79. clouds will be on the increase but plenty of sunshine to be had. now let's check time saver traffic. >>> we are dealing with a very serious crash in anne arundel county, shut down to southbound lanes near annapolis roadand route 50. if you're on i-97, this is a live look at 795. notice everything is up to speed in this region, no problems to report if you're on 97 up towards 695. this is a live look at the southwest corner of the beltway at wilkins avenue, traffic starting to pick up. it will be 12 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. no problems to report on the beltway towards towson. no delays right now traveling southbound 695 downtown to east fayette street, that's about 11 minutes. that's a look
will be available to all users. top android phones like the samsung galaxy s-3 are boasting they have near field communication technology which will let them communicate with other nearby nfc devices. the apple iphone 5 doesn't have it. usa today's ed begg says that shouldn't be a factor in which phone you buy. >> what's really getting attention is its role in the so- called wallets, like the google wallet. the fact is that presents real infrastructure challenges. there's not a lot of terminals out there that can handle nfc. >>reporter: apple feels the wallet app is sufficient. and it only took angry birds features some of the same characters. those are your tech bytes. i'm john muller. >>> thanks for joining us this morning. could the mystery of jimmy hoffa's disappearance soon be unraveled? a driveway will be dug up today. a dying man claims he saw a body placed in the ground there. hoffa disappeared more than 30 years ago. he was last seen outside of a restaurant in the spbs of detroit. police have received dozens of tips over the years. they've dug up everything from giants stadium to a ba
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